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Open Web Camp VII (The Last Hurrah)

Photo: TJohn Foliot Seven years ago, a small group of schemers, dreamers and idealists decided to try something different: a web developer’s conference created by the community, for the community. The formula was simple: Invite a bunch of smart industry leaders to come speak about cutting edge technologies on the web, and make the event as affordable as possible – attending a web conference shouldn’t cost a week’s salary.

Invitations were sent, the experts responded with overwhelming positivity, sponsors signed-on, and Open Web Camp was born. Whether you were looking to know more about HTML5, CSS3, Web Accessibility, Responsive Web Design and Mobile Technology, or simply interested in networking with peers in an open, celebratory day, Open Web Camp has become a fixture of the Bay Area summer.

Scheduled for Saturday, August 1st at the PayPal Town Hall in the heart of Silicon Valley, Open Web Camp VII (The Last Hurrah) will be our final conference. The principal organizers have all now left California, and organizing the event has become more difficult to coordinate from afar. Photo: Thomas FordBut before we say goodbye, we wanted to run the conference one last time, to say thank you to the speakers, to our generous sponsors, and to you, the hundreds of Bay Area developers who have made Open Web Camp what it is today. Without all of you, it simply would not have happened.

It’s been fun!

Registration for Open Web Camp VII is now open.

Looking forward to seeing you there!