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Erase and rewind – a tale of innovation and impatience

Saturday, August 1, 2015, 12:00pm – 12:50pm
Presented by Christian Heilmann
Located in Town Hall A
In track OWC VII

Photo: Christian HeilmannAs warriors for the open web and supporters of freedom of choice we’re in a pickle these days. The siren song of innovation and simplicity of closed environments is strong whilst we seem to repeat the same old stories of longevity and re-use. It can be frustrating and it can appear impossible to keep up with the break-neck speed of tech innovation these days, but don’t despair.

In this talk Chris Heilmann of Microsoft will show just how broken the web is and where our skills and passion is needed. Hand waving and arrogant “this will pass” attitudes will not sustain us much longer. Digital recycling and re-use can.