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Shave That Handlebar Mustache (You Won’t Miss It with Montage Component-Oriented Templates)

Saturday, August 1, 2015, 10:00am – 10:50am
Presented by Benoit Marchant
Located in Town Hall B
In track OWC VII

Photo: Benoit MarchandTemplates offer a way to inject dynamic data at the right place into a static structure. Developers have been the one making decisions in term of template solutions for emails, traditional web applications servers or date formatting, mostly for themselves as users of these solutions. But client side Web technologies are different from other software platforms, offering a unique, declarative separation of concerns between markup, presentation and logic. That separations of concerns enables a valuable separation of roles between web designers and developers but common templating solutions add friction and get in the way of productivity.

Discover how Montage Component-Oriented Templates have been designed to let web designers focus on HTML and CSS, while developers implement the behavior and business logic, through the whole project cycle. But also to support a new take on application development, with visual tools that simplify and accelerate the creation of high quality software, made with Montage and HTML5.